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Sit Down. Stand Out. New Electra Ladies’ Fashion Bicycles, Accessories and Clothing


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Introducing four new color and design stories for ladies’ fashion bikes that extend into accessories and clothing!

We’re excited to introduce you to four new color and design stories for ladies’ fashion bikes that extend into accessories and clothing!  From bells to streamers, tees to totes, it’s all there waiting to accessorize your ride. Check out the brand new Sugar Skulls, Navajo, Night Owl and Mariposa fashion and accessory collections.

Electra Bicycle Company Ladies Mexico Collection

Sugar Skulls 3i - Día de los Muertos is an inspiring annual Mexican and Latin American holiday that celebrates and remembers departed loved ones. Families and neighbors decorate colorful sugar skulls in many individual styles. Explore the multitude of friendly brightly colored skulls that float across Electra’s fashion 3-speed cruiser frame, fenders, saddle and grips, and coordinate with spirited Sugar Skulls tote bag and Tees to complete the festive celebration.

Electra Bicycle Company Ladies Navajo Collection

Navajo 3i - The rich colors and geometric patterns of hand-woven blankets and rugs from the American South West tell stories of sophisticated regional cultures, and are coveted examples of a rare craft that is passed down through the generations. Electra’s Navajo 3i respectfully honors the beauty of these artisans’ designs with a richly colored geometric frame pattern with the punctuated special feature of an embroidered and embossed saddle adorned with tassels, and coordinated with specially stitched Tee shirts and totes.

Electra Bicycle Company Ladies Owl Collection

Night Owl 3i - Mystery, magic and wisdom define the Night Owl. One nocturnal friend nests in the front fender of a deep Turkish blue black sky watching all that is ahead. The dark night smoothly transitions across the frame onto the rear fender to the light of day where another owl rests with both eyes closed. Night owl happily guards over us on Tees and Totes.

Electra Bicycle Company Ladies Mariposa Collection

Mariposa 3i - Open your wings to flight with the Electra Mariposa (Spanish for butterfly). A starry iridescent night sets the backdrop for the vivid pop of color of mariposas in flight. Wouldn’t all agree with the poet who said; Butterflies are self-propelled flowers . Catch them if you can on Electra’s new collection of Tees and Totes.

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Posted: 2012-01-27 09:00:05
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